Hello all! I apologize for being MIA the last couple of months..errr…21 months… (sorry I assumed you were all waiting with baited breath for my next random post!) We’ve had some changes in the last several months, which has left me with less energy for blogging.

I’ve run more races (which include a Try-a-Tri, a 10k and a Half-Marathon): some good, some not-so-good. I’ve also made some interesting recipes: again, some good, and some not-so-good.

We’ve turned another 180 degrees regarding our eating. As a refresher, my oldest, Jonathan, was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance on his 3rd birthday in August 2012, so we embarked on eating gluten-free.

In Fall 2012, those ugly tummy troubles reappeared, but this time with different symptoms in my little Cruzy. We had a different type of testing done, and Cruzy was diagnosed with a dairy main intolerance, and a fruit/sugar combination intolerance. We thought, “What the heck?”, why not re-test Jonathan? His results revealed dairy, buckwheat and soy main intolerances and fruit/sugar and potato/grain combination intolerances. WHAT?!

It was explained to us that a genetic intolerance to potatoes/grains can cause digestive reactions to wheat and gluten. So that could explain why he had issues two years ago. However, the main ingredients in gluten-free products, such as tapioca and potato starch, tapioca and potato flour, and xanthan gum, can irritate a potato issue. So maybe a few months of gluten-free might have healed his gut, but the continued diet made it worse?

At first, I experienced a lot of “Mom guilt”, wondering how I didn’t know what was best for my boys to eat. Some days it makes my head spin (there were real tears shed during that first trip to the grocery store after the diagnosis!), but now I’ve come to terms with the extra cooking and baking, if I know that they’re happy and feel good. I’m not perfect though, and allow them ice cream or cheese once in a while. They’re growing up, as they know they can only have a little bit, or too much could cause a tummy ache.


My little baker!


Saturday morning green monster smoothies! (dairy and sugar-free)