Wow! What an amazing race and an amazing cause!

I had heard of the Run for the Cure before, but had never participated, so I was pleasantly surprised at the camaraderie, upbeat spirits and of course, the snazzy pink outfits!

I’ve just recently been going to Zumba classes with my co-workers, so I was super excited to participate in the Zumba warm-up…and so was Jonathan!: The video evidence is here. 🙂 (Being married to a Mexican has obviously done nothing for my Latin dancing skills).

We were given the choice between a trail route or an alternate paved route. As we were waiting for the race to start,  I heard a woman say that there was a huge hill at the end of the paved race route so I opted for the trail!

Well, after running up a HUGE hill 2 minutes in, I felt done already. Then, as the majority of the runners turned off to the paved route, I continued on with a handful of people to the trail. I wondered why they all seemed to be going the paved way?

It was really scenic and beautiful; however, instead of the promised hill at the end, the trail route was full of hills! Teaches me to eavesdrop before the beginning of a race!

All in all, I was happy and proud to have participated, and took 4 minutes off the time from my last race. Next year I’d like to start my own team and go all out with fundraising and pinkness. Who’s in?!

Extra fun bonus: the 2013 Run for the Cure falls on my 30th birthday!

My boys!

A sea of pink ready to go!

The Survivors

I was amazed at the age range of the survivors – some women even looked my age. I was also amazed at the male supporters.  Many had the name of their Aunt or Grandmother or Mother on their shirt as the one they were running for, but most had written  <-HER->.  Some had 4 to 6 names on their shirts.

Perhaps the most thought provoking of the shirts was Ange’s from Hol:Fit. She wrote that she was running for “All women that have suffered because of chemicals in their beauty products”.  Food for thought!