Well, we are one week into our gluten-free diet and things seems to be going very well. Jonathan still asks for rainbow goldfish every day but he’s easily distracted by other things. 🙂 We were in the middle of using Smarties as rewards for potty training and thankfully, he doesn’t need them anymore to go because they have wheat in them too – go figure!

This past weekend we decided to go to Port Dover and stay overnight in Simcoe. I’ve always tried to make my children very portable so we would be able to visit people and places without too much of a hassle. I was already planning on bringing some gluten-free snacks and my lovely friend Rose (who is a Registered Dietician) was also bringing gluten-free snacks, but I knew dinner might be difficult to organize while staying in a hotel.  I thought I was being a very smart parent by researching our restaurant options and found a website called Celiac Scene that shows restaurants that have gluten-free items. According to the site, Simcoe has a restaurant that has wheat-free items, but I forgot to check the schedule! We pulled into the parking lot only to discover that it is closed on Sundays. Oh right, small town. I quickly googled and discovered that the Boston Pizza down the street from our hotel had a gluten-free menu!

When we asked about the gluten-free menu, the waitress told us that they had taken the gluten-free items off their menu except for the gluten-free pizza crust. I was puzzled as it seems that more and more people are discovering a sensitivity or allergy to gluten, so why would they take this option away? Well, GF pizza crust was better than nothing!

On a couple of blogs, I’ve seen that the reason behind pulling the gluten-free items was that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said there was no way Boston Pizza could guarantee there wouldn’t be cross-contamination. Boston Pizza makes this claim on the Nutrition section of their website as well.

I ordered my pizza with pineapple and it was very tasty. Jonathan and Dave, my husband, also liked it, but were too filled up on GF snacks to want to eat very much.

We are only one week in and still have about two weeks to go until we receive the official allergy test results; however I can already see what a tough time people with allergies have in finding items that accommodate their diet. The items that are available are pricey, so that is why I am determined to make as much as I can from scratch!

Earlier this week, I saw a gluten-free pizza crust mix at Bulk Barn and decided to try it. Jonathan and Dave loved the pizza crust but I thought it was just okay. Sorry, no picture as it was devoured too fast! My Naturopath gave me a a lot of recipes, including a pizza crust recipe, so I will definitely be trying that next. I’ve also been stumbling upon a lot of gluten-free blogs with recipes so I will also be trying those out. Thanks goodness for the internet! I can imagine it must have been much more difficult to search for support and recipes without it.

Several people have asked for my bread recipe, so I will be posting that soon on my recipes tab. I’ve made the bread twice now and although it is very good, I’m having trouble getting it to rise. I think I’m either doing something wrong when adding the yeast to the water at the beginning, or not letting it rise enough before baking in the oven. I will keep tweaking until I get a nice, high loaf.